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Can I play a live video in the new Magelis HMIG5U2 HMI like the XBTGTxx40?

Published date: 17 October 2018

To substitute old XBTGTxx40 MultiMedia , we have done successful tests with Analog camera on Magelis HMIG5U2.
Using a Analog/ USB converter  from Imaging Source Company ( ref =DFG/USB2pro ) you can connect Analog Camera PAL/NTSC to Magelis GTU with Open box HMIG5U2 ;
This converter is distributed worldwide.
  • You  can re-use the VijeoDesigner XBTGTxx40 application and to convert it on HMIG5U2 Box with selection of the same display size than XBTGT !
  • You have same Video functions : Live Video Display , Record & Replay functions
  • You have also to install manually  on the HMIG5U2 the Windows drivers from imaging Source to control the converter.

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