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How to connect Analog Camera PAL/NTSC to Magelis GTU with Open box HMIG5U2?

Published date: 22 January 2019

 Goals and Symptoms 
Our Magelis HMIGTU ranges do not have the video input interface but the plan is to substitute the old XBTGT Multi Media series by these new HMIGTU series.
The goal of this resolution is to provide a way to connect Analog camera to Magelis HMIGTU.
Causes and Fixes       
To substitute old XBTGT MultiMedia, we have done successful tests with Analog camera on Magelis GTU.
Using a Analog/ USB converter from Imaging Source Company (ref = DFG/USB2pro) you can connect Analog Camera PAL/NTSC to Magelis GTU with Open box HMIG5U2.
This converter is distributed worldwide.
  • You can re-use the Vijeo Designer XBTGTxx40 application and to convert it on HMIG5U2 Box with selection of the same display size than XBTGT !
  • You have same Video functions: Live Video Display, Record & Replay functions
  • You have also to install manually on the HMIG5U2 the Windows drivers by installing Vijeo Designer Runtime of V6.2 SP8 HF01.
 Here is the link to download V6.2 SP8 HF01 that includes the driver of Analog/ USB converter:
Note: This Hotfix is only VJD Runtime installer and the runtime version is the same as SP8

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