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Video : How to recover information from DRS switch and modify the configuration file?

Published date: 05 November 2018

Goals and Symptoms
Schneider Electric provides pre-defined configuration for ConneXium DRS switches and you cna verify the configuration used on your switch by the WebPage

Facts and Change


Causes and Fixes

The extended managed ConneXium switches (part numbers listed above) are Dual Ring Switches that can be used in complex M580 or Quantum architectures to perform these functions:
  • Integrate fiber cable on the main ring
  • Enable distributed equipment to participate on the RIO network
  • Enable RSTP recovery support for devices on the sub-rings
  • Isolate the sub-rings 
  • Provide redundancy between the main-ring and a sub-ring 
  • Separate primary and standby PACs in a long-haul Hot Standby system
​This video will show how to access the switch webpage to check/change the pre-defined configuration files described on the "System Planning Guide for Complex Topologies" that you can download from Schneider-Electric website and you can download the Connexium Ethernet Configuration Software.


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