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What is the difference between the HMIS5T and the HMISTU655 or HMISTU855?

Published date: 14 December 2018

Issue: The part numbers of the HMISTU series are not self explanatory.

Product Line: HMISTU series

Resolution: Here is a better description of what the HMISTU part numbers consist of.

The HMISTU655 consists of the HMIS5T back module + the HMIS65 (3.5" color screen)
The HMISTU855 consists of the HMIS5T back module+ the HMIS85 (5.7" color screen)
The Screen and back modules can be purchased seperately or together.

The HMIS5T back module has 64MB of DRAM and 32MB of application flash.  This is twice the amount of memory from the first generation of HMISTU. 

HMIS5T back module requires Vijeo Designer V6.0 SP3 to select the HMIS5T in the configuration. Note that all HMIS5T's manufactured after November 2018 will require Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP7. There will be a label on the rear moduel indicating this.

In Vijeo Designer, always select the correct target type as listed on the label of the rear module. Do not use the target type model HMISTU655 or HMISTU855 unless your label indicates that.

The suffix s in HMISTU655s and HMISTU855s indicates that the Vijeo Designer Limited disk is included with the package.  No software registration is needed for the HMISTU.


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