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Why is line current of ATV340D30N4E, especially in heavy duty (HD) lower than line current of ATV340D22N4/E?

Published date: 11 October 2018

RMS value of line current is affected not only by ATV size, but also by harmonics.
In drives up to 22kW (up to D22N4/E), the charging current during ATV power up is limited by precharging resistor that is bypassed after charging DC bus.
In drives above 22kW, there is not pre-charging resitor but there is semicontrolled input rectifier (thyristor + diode bridge) and moreover built-in DC choke. This DC choke is responsible for significant drop in harmonics when comparing:
ATV340D22N4/E with THDi above 100% in HD (at 400V/50Hz)
ATV350D30N4E with THDi below 48% (at 400V/50Hz)
To express exact ratio between ATV340D30N4E and ATV340D22N4(E) line current look at attached file.

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