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How to display correctly the Vijeo Designer application in the Webgate using Win10 and Internet Explorer?

Published date: 19 October 2018

Sometimes, using Windows 10 with Internet Explorer (Version11) or after an update of Windows 10, the Vijeo designer application is not displayed correctly in the Webgate. It seems that the project is slide on the left of the screen. The Webgate starts corectly but the HMI image is only partially diplayed. See below:

This problem could be caused by Win10 scaling feature.
The Win10 supports high DPI display that can scale your desktop from 100% to 150% in display setting.

The Vijeo-designer runtime doesn’t support this setting. 
When the runtime runs standalone, it won’t has problem. But if the runtime runs inside the Internet Explorer, that could be the problem because the latest Internet Explorer is a High DPI supported application, if it changes the DPI setting, our VJD won’t response that. So, the coordinate calculation will be incorrectly.

Our proposal: to not use scale setting in display (set it to 100%) and do not use zoom function in Internet Explorer.
Please use settings as you can see below:

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