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ATV process, does FDR works towards new fw version?

Published date: 24 October 2018

We can confirm that latest Ethernet channel evolution's have brougth FDR service improvements.
With todays fw versions :
ATV6xx:  version 2.2ie24 (internally, the embedded Ethernet firmware version must be 1.Die15)
ATV9xx: version 1.8ie14 (internally, the embedded Ethernet firmware version must be 1.Die15)
Eth.card VW3A3720: version 1.Die15
or any newer version, 
the FDR will work towards equal or newer fw version.

Example1: today ATV2.2IE24 is used and after one year it will be replaced by ATV with newer fw (e.g. 2.3IExx). Result is that FDR OK
Example2 : ATV1.9IE24 has been used and now it is going to be replaced by ATV 2.2IE24. Result is that FDR is not OK.

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