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Video: How to add a user on AccuSine PCS+

Published date: 29 July 2019

Configuring additional users on AccuSine PCS+ via the display.

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AccuSine PCS+



To add users, perform the following steps:
  1. Select User Login
  2. Press the Username field. Type ADMIN on the keypad and press Enter.
  3. Press the Password field and enter the ADMIN password.
    • The default password for the ADMIN user is ADMIN. If the password has already been changed, use the new password.
  4. Press Log In.
  5. Press Manage Users
  6. Press the drop-down arrow for Level. Select the appropriate user level for the person being added. Four choices are available for Level:
    • ​​AdminUser: Has complete access to all parameters described in this manual.
      The AdminUser level is the only level with permission to add or remove users.
      The AdminUser name must be ADMIN. There can only be one AdminUser level
    • QualifiedUsers: Have access to all parameters except adding new users to the
    • RegularUsers: Have access to change parameters on the Unit Setting,
      Compensation Mode screen only.
    • WebGateUsers
  7. Press the User field. Type the new Username on the keypad and press Enter.
  8. Press Pwd and let the user type the password. Or, you can create a temporary password for the user to change when first logging in.
    • The password must be between 6 and 32 characters with any combination of letters or numbers. Passwords are case sensitive.
  9. Press Confirm Pwd and re-enter the password.
  10. Press the Add User icon in the bottom left-hand corner

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