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Can you set up the ATV630 and ATV930 open type drives for damper control?

Published date: 05 December 2019

ATV630 and ATV930 drive for damper control.

Product Line:
ATV630 and ATV930


Damper control option 

Damper Control in Altivar Process ATV630

The Altivar Process 600 drives were not designed specifically for HVAC applications in the way 
the Altivar 212 drives were, and do not include dedicated ‘Damper Control’ functions. You can, 
however, use the ‘Priming Pump’ control function to  control a damper in a similar way.

Use ‘Priming Pump Assignment’ (PPoA) to select the output relay to send the open/close 

Use ‘Primed Switch Assign’ (PPWA) to set the logic input for the damper position feedback 

Use ‘Priming Time’ (PPSd) to set the delay time from sending a damper open command to the 
drive starting the fan rotation.

This does not provide quite the same level of interlocks and error detection that is in the 
ATV212 functions, but does allow basic damper control within the drive.

This does not apply to the ATV930 drive which does not have any options for Damper control. 


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