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What is the procedure to configure ATV900 drive for reluctant motor?

Published date: 21 January 2019

Synchronous reluctance motor is totally different from asynchronus and little different from typical synchronous.

During comissioning it is necessary to enter following motor data:
Sync nominal I [nCrS]
Nom sync motor pseed [nSPS]
NOm motor torque [tqS]
Pole paires[PPnS]
Angel setting type[Ast]
- For reluctant motors it is best to put Ast=RCI. IPM or SPM are not dedicated for reluctance motors.

Parameters rSAS, LdS, LqS are not need to be set, they will be measured by autotuning.
FrSS will be calculated from nSPS and PPnS. 
Other motor-related parameters (MCR, CRTF) recommended to keep in default.

Beforte executing autotuning, set TUN in rotation (Tunt=Rot). On reluctant motor the control law need the current saturation waveform of the motor inductance Ld Lq. Drive command will adapt the Ld,Lq depends of the motor load. With the standart tunning the energy saving at low load will be very bad and there is a risk of not starting correctly. Bear in mind that motor will move a little during autotuning.

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