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How do I export my machine's parameters (PLC's current variable values) to CSV for future import in SoMachine v4.3?

Published date: 01 March 2019

How do I export my machine's parameters (PLC's current variable values) to CSV for future import in SoMachine v4.3?
Product Line
SoMachine v4.3, M238, M241, M251, M258, LMC058, LMC078, HMISCU, XBTGC, ATV-IMC
Windows PC Configuration Software connected to SoMachine PLC
A snapshot of the current variable values of a SoMachine PLC can be saved to a CSV file using the following steps:
1) Login to the PLC from SoMachine by going to the "Online" dropdown menu and selecting "Login" (or use the login button from the default menu bar, or use "Alt+F8")
2) Select "Online->Advanced Configuration->Save data to CSV file…" from the same dropdown menu as above.
3) If the PLC is in RUN mode, there will be a prompt: "The PLC is in RUN mode. It may take several PLC cycles to save data to a file. This can cause the saved data to be inconsistent. Setting the PLC to STOP before saving avoids inconsistent data. Proceed anyway? [OK] [Cancel]"Choose an option according to your needs.
4) A new dialog will appear and you may choose the variable values you wish to save to the CSV. Expand the Application nodes and highlight the variables from the left. Click the ">" button to add them.
5) Click "Save…" and choose a location and filename for the CSV.
Values in this newly saved CSV file can be edited provided that the structure and syntax of the file is maintained and re-imported to a PLC running the project.
Conversely, you may also import variable values from a CSV that contains existing variables from the PLC project.
To do so, follow the steps:
1) Login to the PLC
2) Select "Online->Advanced Configuration->Restore data from CSV file…"
3) Select the CSV file to be imported
4) Click "Open"
This will result in the values from the file to be written to the Variables in the PLC.
This technique is useful for setting machine parameters for customized machinery specific to your customer's needs.
For example, if you are deploying a conveyor belt that has a series of speed ranges that are different for different customers.
You could keep your preset speed sets in separate CSV files.

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