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Why TesysT logic inputs are unexpectedly activated if nobody activated pushbutton connected to logic input?

Published date: 22 March 2019

It can happen due to very long cables connected logic input. This problem is more frequent in case of AC signal than DC signal. Long cables (over 50m) has capacitance that is significant enough for flowing the leakage current that can unintentionally activate TEsysT logic input.
Use shorter cables
Use LTMR...BD instead of LTMR..FM. DC signal has lower leakage current than AC.
Use interposing relay. Coil of interposing relay has lower impedance than TEsysT logic input and so greater current in connected signal cable is needed to energize the relay. Push button installed far away will activate the relay (relay must be close to TEsysT) and contact from the relay will activate LTMR logic input.
Add resistor to each LTMR logic input.

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