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If I do not have a PLC connected, how do I access my screen when the HMISTU shows the message: Waiting for Time Sync?

Published date: 29 March 2019

If I am working on my HMISTU screen without a PLC connected for time sync, how do I access my screen when the HMISTU shows the message "Waiting for Time Sync"?
Product Line
Vijeo Designer v6.2, Magelis HMISTU/HMIS5T
The HMISTU does not have a battery backup of its internal clock, so it depends on syncing its clock with a PLC upon startup.
To get past the "Waiting for time sync…" message on the HMI screen, 
  1. Touch the bottom-right corner of the screen
  2. Wait 0.5 to 0.75 seconds
  3. Touch the top-left corner
  4. to get into the System configuration screen. From there, the Date/Time can be adjusted manually.
Note 1: You may try repeating steps 1-3 alternating corners if you can't get the timing on the first try.
Note 2: This is the default method for getting to the System Configuration screen of the HMI.
For other methods, see "Section 26.2 - Displaying the Runtime Configuration Menu" in Vijeo Designer HTML Help.

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