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HOw to define u/f 5 points in ATV340 ATV930 to have quadratic torque?

Published date: 29 April 2019

ATV340 is dedicated for machine segment, that is why quadratic torque curve by default is not available. Similar ATV930 dedicated for process solid movements does not have quadratic curve by default
Using u/f 5 points it is possible to define the curve to be like quadratic, although the real curve will look like 6 pieces of linear sections to form "quadratic shape".
Use excel table and where as provided example how to adjust the values. If you modify the curve to be more linear, you will not make mistake. But if the curve is too quadratic (e.g. very low voltage up to 40Hz) then the motor may have not enough magnetizing and be weaker in torque. 
It is not needed the curve to be perfect quadratic. Important is to have rated voltage at rated speed and shape rather closer to linear than too quadratic

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