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On ATV630 with booster control and master redundancy is it possible to switch every pump to manual mode?

Published date: 22 May 2019

This function is possible only using forced local mode (by assigning forced local input and forced local frequency source), because forced local has priority over control via multidrive link.
If you activate forced local on a drive that is acting as slave, then no problem. But if you activate forced local on a drive that is acting as master, the master will switch to forced local, but the slaves will stop and go to M/P link error. It is becase all the slaves will loose the master. Master redundacny function will not transfer master rights to another drive (that has been acting as slave) because master remains in multidrive link though in forced local mode (PID deactivated) it cannot pass staging / destaging signals and speed reference to the slaves.
If you use multidrives with master redundancy and configure drives as "master or slave" then our recommendation is to choose master via the signal MPME [multipump master enable assigment] and do not use forced local mode for current master. (e.g. interlock "master enable" signal with "forced local" signal externally).
We made test with 2xATV630 fw 2.4IE26 both with VW3A3721. fw 1.FIE18.
We used forced local via DI3+AI3 and master selection was done via DI5.
Configuration is attached.

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