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How to create an access point with HMIBMO/BMI + HMIYMINWIFI2?

Published date: 03 July 2019

Since the feature Access Point is supported by Windows 10, the function Hosted network is not anymore available in the wifi card HMIYMINWIFI2
But the Windows feature allow the access point only if there is internet connection activated.  In some cases, It is not possible to have, this FAQ explain how to create an access point without internet

Product line

Windows 10 IIoT

You have two possibilities to set an access point using Windows 10:
If you have internet connection
In this case, the access point is natively in Windows 10
Setting / Network &Internet / Mobile hotspot

If you don’t have internet connection
In this case you cannot use the native function of Windows 10
One application is available on the Windows store for free. This application offer the possibility to create an access point without internet connection

Before install Microsoft store, you need to start the windows update service.
Go to: Control Panel / Administrative tools / Services /  and  Start the service "Windows update"
Connect internet
Go to Setting / Update & Security / Check for update (and install it)
Download and install Microsoft Store for Win LTSB    =>
Search the app "HotSpot Lite" "Wifi HotSpot (Soft AP)" or and install
You can disconnect internet (no need anymore internet)
Launch HotSpot, define and name and password and click on "ON"

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