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Can the HMISCU Control Application be used as a Modbus TCP Server?

Published date: 30 July 2019

I want to use the HMISCU Control Application as a Modbus TCP Server so that another PLC can read/write to its Modbus registers. Is this possible?

Product Line
Magelis SCU (HMISCU), SoMachine / EcoStruxure Machine Expert

SoMachine / EcoStruxure Machine Expert configuration software

Yes, the HMISCU's Control (PLC) Application can be used as a Modbus TCP Server.
The HMISCU supports a Library from 3S called "ModbusTCP Slave", which contains a function block named "ModbusServer" (also known as "MTS.ModbusServer"). This Modbus server is managed by the IEC controller application.

In the attached ZIP "FA379937 HMISCU ModbusServer Guide and" there are two files:

1) See the guide written in MS Word on how to implement the function block.
Filename:  "Modbus TCP Server for HMISCU Control Application Guide.doc"

2) Also see the sample project which uses the HMISCU as a Modbus TCP Server and an M251 as a Client (polling with the Modbus IO Scanner feature). This project was written in SoMachine v4.1 SP1 (and can be opened in any newer version of SoMachine / EcoStruxure Machine Expert Basic).
Filename: "MBserverFB HMISCU M251v4.1SP1_2.projectarchive"

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