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What to configure regarding braking resistor BRC if my ATV340 uses ATV regen, not the resistor and brake logic is used?

Published date: 20 September 2019

If [Brake assignment] BLC is assigned, the function that tests the connection of braking

resistor is automatically activated ([Braking Resistor] BRC =[Yes] yes ). If the braking

resistors are not detected, it triggers the [DB unit op. circuit] BUFO error.

Without having braking resistor [Braking Resistor] BRC must be set to [No] afterwards.

The same applicable if you use Altivar Regenerative Unit.

If you use ATV980 (not ATV340), additionallyt you have to configure supply as ATV supply unit REC

Extract from hoisting application note:

Set [Braking Resistor] BRC to [No] NO on ATV340 and ATV900 if Altivar Regenerative Unit is used.
Additionally, if AFE unit is used with drives different from ATV980, set [DC Bus Source Type] DCBS to [Supply Unit REC] SUREC

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