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    Protect your family with Residual Current Devices

    Residual current devices (RCDs), like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), detect electrocution currents and cut power off immediately.

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Where do hazards lurk?

Your home and family might be more exposed to electric shocks than you think. Discover where they are and how you can reduce or even eliminate them with a residual current device and ground fault circuit interrupters.
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RCDs: Your ultimate protection from electrocution


Residual current devices (RCDs) / ground fault circuit interrupters detect electrocution currents and cut power off immediately. They are now mandatory according to the IEC 60634 electrical safety standard on all circuits supplying:
• Power outlets
• Lighting
• All devices in bathrooms and wet areas

Get safe! Check that your home’s electrical panel / breaker box for RCDs , is easy to identify, is equipped with:
• A white pushbutton
• A "30mA" marking

If there are RCDs fitted in your home electrical panel, check if they are working by pushing the “test” button. The RCD should trip.
If you don’t see any RCDs fitted, you need to upgrade your home electrical panel with RCDs to ensure the highest level of protection throughout your home.

Four areas in your home that need your attention

1. Switchboard20021362-Resi9-in-Switchboard-IC-410x230

Your switchboard protects your home from electrical fires caused by short-circuits and overloads.

For your safety, your switchboard must be:
• Sheltered from water
• Made from high quality materials
• Highly resistant to shocks

There should not be any holes that are large enough to insert a tool or finger. There should also be a closing cover to protect all circuit breakers. Teamed with RCDs, your switchboard can now also protect your family from electrocution.

2. Switches and outlets20021362-LAGNEAU_GM1_HU08-IC-410x230

Use quality switches and outlets as these items are vital for your safety:
• Outlets equipped with automatic shutters to prevent children from inserting fingers or objects into the holes
• All plastic parts must be strong enough to withstand blows
• All lighting and power grids screwed securely to mounting brackets

All switches and outlets in your home must be protected by a 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD).

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Replace faulty components:
Replace any outlets, light fittings, extension leads and appliances that are showing any signs of wear and tear, including cracks, sticking or lose switches, and split or crushed electrical leads.

Safety first :
If you do this on your own, always wear protective gloves, use insulated tools, and switch the power off at the switchboard.

3. Lighting devicesDouble-insulation-IC-410x230

Lighting devices housed in insulating material must have the ‘Class II’ symbol engraved on them.

Modern lighting, including bare cables, must be supplied by a transformer bearing the ‘Safety Extra Low Voltage’ symbol.

Metal structured chandeliers must be linked to a "protective earth" via the “green-yellow” wire.

All lighting circuits in your home must be protected by a 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD)

4. BathroomsBathroom-safety-graphic-IC-410x230

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home. Why? Because when your skin is wet, your body is extremely sensitive to electric current.

Safety standards
Volume 0: No electrical parts at all
Volume 1: within reach from the bath or shower with arms up
• Only 12V isolated fittings (SELV* supply)
Volume 2: maximum reach from the bath or shower
• Transformer isolated sockets (“razor” type)
• Class II insulated lighting and heaters

All switches and outlets in your bathrooms must be protected by a 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD).

How to get support from your electrician

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    Contact a qualified electrician to check your electrical installation, rewire or replace faulty or ageing parts, or to upgrade your safety system so that it complies with current standards.
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    If your home’s circuitry is more than 5 years old, trust your local electrician to carry out a full check. They know the rules and best practices inside-out.
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    Ask your electrician about Schneider Electric RCDs, and get the best protection to ensure your home’s electrical safety.

Discover more ways to secure your home

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