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    RELIABLE power for train commuters

    Transforming a complex rail system while ensuring smooth operations for 10 million passengers a day is a bold idea. With EcoStruxure™ Power and Schneider Electric services, Shanghai Metro ensures reliable power for safe, stable and efficient rail operations.

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    EcoStruxure Power

    Digital integration of power distribution systems is not a choice, but a necessity. Learn more about IoT-enabled architecture and platform for low and medium-voltage electrical distribution systems.

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    Shanghai Metro: Customer Story Key Figures

    • Default Alternative Text Improved operational efficiency, sustainability and asset performance
    • Default Alternative Text Greater stability and enhanced safety of electrical facilities
    • Default Alternative Text Safety and comfort for busy passengers as they arrive at their destinations
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    IoT-enabled Power

    Discover four ways to manage today’s new power distribution model in our complimentary e-guide. Download the e-guide
    • Intelligent transportation linking people with the city

      Shanghai Metro partnered with Schneider Electric to help ensure smooth operations for a complex, busy rail system. By leveraging IoT-enabled EcoStruxure Power, Shanghai Metro can help ensure safe and comfortable experiences for passengers.

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    Learn how EcoStruxure Power can make your buildings more energy efficient and sustainable.
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    The Challenge

    Shanghai is an international metropolis. With integrated development of urban transport, rail systems are central to intercity integration and urban ecosystem development.

    Shanghai Metro carries nearly 10 million passengers each day, serving 52% of residents. Managing the rail network is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to the expansion of metro lines and stations, an increasingly complex system, and the large volume of passenger flow.

    There is an urgent need to guarantee the safe, reliable and efficient operation of Shanghai Metro while providing passengers with a comfortable and convenient experience.

    Electrical safety and stability in the stations. There are a lot of electrical facilities that consume a large amount of power inside the limited space of the stations. Uninterrupted and stable power supply is necessary to guarantee the normal operation of various systems.

    Environment and safety in the stations. As more passengers use the system, it is critical to control the temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting for comfortable station environments.

    Emergencies and disasters impose higher requirements on the fault tolerance, reliability and comprehensive response of the systems.

    Data collection and information management. The complex, isolated systems and the intricate operations of equipment make it a daunting task to collect, monitor and analyze data between connected systems.

    Operation and maintenance cost. Manpower costs make up a large portion of annual operational expenses. The complex operations of managing equipment raise maintenance costs year by year.

    The Solution

    Apps, Analytics & Services : ISCS, Field service and spare parts service 
    Edge Control: BAS 
    Connected products: Operation system, distribution system, electromechanical devices and spare parts

    Schneider Electric, a trusted service provider for Shanghai Metro over many years, was selected to address the challenges. Through its IoT-enabled EcoStruxure platform, Schneider Electric helps Shanghai Metro across four areas: power distribution, environmental control, connectivity and service.

    IT and OT are integrated to help users innovate at three levels – Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics and Services.

    Schneider Electric solutions help Shanghai Metro improve operational efficiency, sustainability, asset performance, feasibility data and employee productivity.

    LV/MV Power System helps to guarantee the stability and safety of the electrical facilities.

    Electromechanical Equipment Automation System (BAS) monitors the environment of the stations (ventilation, water and electricity) and based on the data collected, ensures the efficient operation of the environmental control equipment and provides passengers an optimal environment.

    On-site emergency service. Schneider Electric engineers are ready to respond to any urgent need for on-site maintenance and provide technical support from installation and debugging through emergency maintenance to product training.

    Spare parts package service. A warehouse of urgent spare parts in the Schneider Electric Shanghai Logistics Center ensures the quickest supply of urgent spare parts to Shanghai Metro.

    The Results

    From the equipment provided in the early stages, to full life cycle services delivered during product installation, to building an efficient operation system, Schneider Electric has served as a trusted and innovative partner of Shanghai Metro throughout the project.

    Schneider Electric solutions have significantly enhanced the smart management, electrical safety and environment of Shanghai Metro stations, and safeguarded systems operations.

    Schneider Electric provided critical emergency maintenance and timely provision of spare parts.

    Today, busy passengers at any Shanghai Metro station can safely and comfortably arrive at their destinations thanks to Schneider Electric solutions.