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Triconex® Safety View

Certified bypass and alarm management improves safety

Safety View helps operators effectively manage high-risk conditions impacting the overall safety of the plant to improve safety and reduce operational risk.


Operators are critical to safe operations and need to know what to pay attention to when managing elevated risk conditions that impact the overall safety of the plant. Anything that can be done to help operators is a good thing.

Safety View is a TÜV-certified software solution for specific use in safety-related applications.

It allows operators to see both the bypass status impacting the level of risk reduction in place, and the critical alarms required to operate the plant safely during elevated risk conditions.

With clear visibility of bypass and critical alarms, operators can react faster to potentially unsafe conditions and reduce the likelihood of upsets that could cause costly downtime.


Improve safety

  • Clear visibility of bypasses in place
  • Secondary authentication of bypass available, ensuring a device is not accidentally placed in bypass (reducing the likelihood of an unplanned trip).
  • No need to access safety system engineering tools to apply bypass
  • Notes can be added for each bypass, aiding shift handover
  • Associated alarms are suppressed to ensure the operator is not distracted by alarms from devices out of services.
  • General purpose buttons are available for specific functions e.g. to shut down or isolate a specific piece of equipment.

Reduce operational risk

  • Critical alarms are segregated from the myriad of alarms routinely generated.
  • Operators have clear visibility of critical alarms with process conditions.
  • Each alarm contains detailed information providing greater context for better decision making.
  • Alarms can be organized for the optimum operator experience.
  • Alarms can be re-activated on shift handover, so the oncoming operators know exactly what they need to manage and pay attention to.
  • Different alarm sounds can be configured for different alarm types to enhance operator performance.

Certified operation

  • TÜV-certified for use in safety applications, up to Systematic Capability 3 (SC3) according to IEC61508
  • Cybersecurity IEC62443-4-1 and Security 1 (SL1) for software applications according to IEC62443-4-2
  • ISA S18.1 Alarm Functions (Sequence Codes Manual, Automatic, Reset)


  • Enhanced operator performance and response to critical conditions
  • Reduced likelihood of an adverse safety event
  • Minimized operator error leading to unscheduled asset downtime
  • More effective maintenance through improved bypass management


  • Refining and petrochemicals
  • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
  • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceuticals
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