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    Discover Liquid Cooling

    Increasing IT chip densities, a focus on energy efficiency, and new IT use cases like harsh edge computing environments are driving the interest and adoption of liquid cooling.

We see promise in liquid cooling for data centers

Compared with conventional air cooling, liquid cooling provides benefits like higher energy efficiency, smaller footprint, lower TCO (total cost of ownership), and enhanced server reliability, all with little to no noise. Schneider Electric is working with partners to develop immersive, chassis-based liquid cooling IT solutions.
  • Liquid cooling partnership

    Schneider Electric partners up with Avnet and Iceotope to develop liquid-cooled server solutions, combining global expertise in IT integration, liquid immersion cooling technologies, and infrastructure.

    Read about the liquid cooling partnership
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    Five Reasons to Adopt Liquid Cooling Key reasons for data center owners to use liquid cooling, beyond high power density. Download the white paper
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    Liquid Cooling for Data Centers and Edge Computing Compare the different types of liquid cooling technologies. Access the white paper
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    What’s Old is What’s New Again Steven Carlini, Schneider Electric’s VP of Innovation and Data Center, on why liquid-cooled IT is returning. Read the blog
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    Silencing your Noisy Data Center How liquid cooling technology can eliminate server fans. Learn more

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