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    EcoStruxure™ for Mining Mine & Pit

    Utilise valuable haul trucks to their maximum efficiency with connected Fuel Management and Truck Maintenance Operations solutions from Schneider Electric.

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    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centres, industry and grid.

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    Fuel Management

    Massive haul trucks are essential to mining. They move materials from their point of extraction to their first step in processing. These vehicles consume enormous amounts of fuel and require expert care and maintenance. If not managed efficiently, they can be a major drain on resources.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Schneider provides an integrated fuel management system that enables miners to get a complete picture of fuel usage at the mine site, including fuel levels in each area, fuel dispensed to each asset, and alarms and reports. Also, unlike other fuel systems, our system is based on industrial grade telemetry that keeps data safe and secure even through a power outage.

    > Full picture of fuel usage across the entire operation
    > Real-time visibility of your fuel status to help you identify savings opportunities
    > Real-time alerts for fuel restocking
    > Identify potential losses from fraudulent activities
    > Measure, track, identify and allocate fuel usage for better accountability by vehicle type, fuel type and cost centre
    > Customise reports and trends for decision making
    > Open solution, enabling integration with other systems

    Truck Maintenance

    Truck maintenance shops face a diverse set of challenges around maintenance tasks as well as the monitoring and security of the facilities where the maintenance is performed.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Our integrated solution enhances truck maintenance, parts management, facility integration and security management, and improves workflow efficiency and task management. You can also combine independent platforms for an integrated automation and data collection system.

    > Integrated building and facilities management platforms 
    > Mobile workforce and decision support system
    > Enhance visibility of water, lubricant, gas, compressed air and energy consumption
    > Achieve centralised facility monitoring for security, safety and site management

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