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    Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2019

    Congratulations to all of the winners and finishers of the Marathon de Paris 2019! The race for sustainability isn’t over! Join the #SEgreenrunners community and sustain the pace throughout the year.

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  • Pictures of the Marathon and Salon du Running

    Discover the highlights of the SE Green Runners. Find all the pictures taken during the Salon du Running and Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2019

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2019 winners

Abrha Milaw 🇪🇹 2:07:05
Asefa Mengistu 🇪🇹 2:07:25
Paul Lonyangata 🇰🇪 2:07:29

Gelete Burka 🇪🇹 2:22:47
Azmera Gebru 🇪🇹 2:22:52
Azmera Abreha 🇪🇹 2:23:35

Disabled athletes
Julien Casoli 🇫🇷 1:36:57
Heinz Frei 🇨🇭 1:45:37
Vitaliy Gritsenko 🇷🇺 1:46:35

Our new personal best: 0 carbon

For the seventh straight year Schneider Electric proudly sponsored the Marathon de Paris. When our commitment to offset the Paris Marathon’s carbon footprint kicked off in 2016, we compensated 50% of the event’s emissions. This year – just four editions later – we have achieved 100%.
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A carbon-neutral raceFor the 2019 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, we’re eliminating waste wherever possible and compensating its carbon footprint through environmental actions in Kenya.

Working with Livelihoods Funds we help provide energy-efficient Hifadhi cookstoves to people with poor access to energy. This helps decrease wood consumption and prevent deforestation. Livelihoods Funds also plants new trees to restore damaged ecosystems.
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Join the #SEGreenRunners

The race for sustainability doesn’t end on April 14. Join the #SEGreenRunners community and sustain the pace throughout the year.

Why the Livelihoods Hifadhi project matters

  • 50,000 hectares is the area of forest Kenya loses every year
  • 150,000 cookstoves will be sold over 2013–2022
  • $2 is the price of one cookstove
  • 60% is the reduction in wood use, compared to the traditional stove
  • 13,000 tons is the amount of wood the project will save over 10 years
  • 1 million tons of CO₂ is the total offset target of the project