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How can I get a replacement VW3A1101 Keypad?

Published date: 02 November 2018

How can I get a replacement VW3A1101 Keypad?

Product Line:
VW3A1101 Keypad

All firmware versions, all serial numbers

Keypad has failed but the drive continues to run normally.

Replacement keypads are available through your distributor.  You can contact your distributor directly and they can contact our warranty group for a replacement.  It is no longer necessary to contact the Drives Product Support group for a case number when replacing this part.

** NOTE **  If the knob has broken off of the keypad but it is working correctly otherwise, contact your distributor to have a replacement knob sent.  A replacement keypad should only be requested when the keypad itself is not functioning but the drive does continue to run normally.   If the drive is not running properly then the cause may be internal to the drive itself and not a problem with the keypad.  Please contact the Drives Product Support Group for troubleshooting assistance if this is the case.

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