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    Customer Story: DataHub Biel

    Managing Data with Swiss Precision

    Thanks to EcoStruxure™ IT, the DataHub colocation data center in Biel achieves exceptional energy EFFICIENCY, security and availability.

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    Customer Insight

    Future-proof your colocation data center

    451 Research interviewed more than 450 decision-makers responsible for selecting colocation services, to provide insight into factors that are driving colocation demand.

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    • Exceptional energy efficiency DataHub Biel

      Watch how this Swiss colocation data center achieves remarkable energy efficiency while meeting the capacity and quality requirements for the IoT era.

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    Future-proofing your colocation business

    451 Research interviewed more than 450 decision-makers responsible for selecting colocation services. Download the report

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    The Challenge

    The Internet of Things will connect more than 50 billion new devices in the next 5 years. Accompanied by the growth of cloud services, the demand for data center capacity is higher than ever before. In Switzerland, quality requirements for data center projects are particularly high due to high land prices and enormous security and environmental standards.

    With its new Data Center in Biel, DataHub not only wanted to offer its colocation customers the highest level of security for their data, but also to operate the center in an extremely environmentally friendly and efficient manner. DataHub's key priorities were:

    • Availability and security: meeting the highest quality standard
    • Energy efficiency: electricity costs account for around half the operating costs of a data center
    • Easy scalability and power density: due to high land prices in Switzerland
    • Transparency: real-time insight into operations
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    The Solution

      Exceptional energy efficiency with EcoStruxure IT

       Edge Control: EcoStruxure IT Software: StruxureWare™ Data Center Expert, StruxureWare Data Center Operation

       Connected Products: Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Galaxy VX, InRow-Cooling, NetShelter SX Racks, Canalis busbars, Okken switchgear, Masterpact switch, Rack metered PDU, ATS transfer switch, Netbotz alarm management.

    • Schneider Electric supplied a solution from a single source and thus reduced the number of interfaces, which was important for meeting the deployment schedule and minimizing risk.

    • For the first time in Switzerland – and one of the firsts in Europe – the new Galaxy VX UPS system with lithium-ion batteries from Schneider Electric was used in DataHub Biel. This technology optimizes operational effectiveness of data centers thanks to flexible operating modes and an efficacy of over 98%.

    • The use of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software (EcoStruxure IT Software) ensures maximum transparency and real-time insight.

    The Results

    DataHub Biel is the result of close cooperation and shows that our standardized, modular comprehensive solution fits perfectly into the IoT era.

    • The innovative technical design enables the highest quality standard (Tier III, partly Tier IV), availability of 99.99%, energy efficiency and easy scalability.
    • The remarkable energy efficiency is the result of precise cooling, novel uninterruptible power supply Galaxy VX with lithium-ion batteries and systematic energy management with EcoStruxure IT software. Thanks to EcoStruxure, the data center achieves Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) values of less than 1.25 – a peak value for energy efficiency in Switzerland.
    • Optimized operational effectiveness thanks to flexible operating modes and an efficacy of over 98%.
    • The extremely high energy density of up to 15 - 20 kW per rack has saved a lot of space, which was particularly important considering the land prices in Switzerland. The modular design allows easy expansion of the data center while the system is running. EcoStruxure IT provides full transparency of performance and consumption data per customer with remote access for customers.
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    "The Biel region is known for its precision work – and we have the same approach to our new data center. With the DataHub Biel we are determined to meet the highest customer requirements at a relatively low cost."

    Adrian Roth, CEO, DataHub Group