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    The FUTURE, here today

    The EUREF Campus in Berlin has met their FUTURE 2050 carbon-free target 30 years ahead of time thanks to EcoStruxure™ Grid.

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  • Solar Panels with a modern city background

    EcoStruxure™ Grid

    EcoStruxure Grid increases grid efficiency for sustainable networks. From seamless local production and integration at the grid edge, EcoStruxure Grid bridges demand and supply.

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    EUREF Campus: Customer Story Key Figures

    • Default Alternative Text 104 tons of CO2 has been saved since 2012
    • Default Alternative Text With the total renewable energy generated by the smart microgrid an electric vehicle could drive 1.2 million km
    • Default Alternative Text Seven office buildings received top awards for environmental design
    Solar Panels with a modern city background

    Switch to green microgrids

    The energy landscape is shifting with the development of greener microgrids that replace fossil fuel-based generation with renewable solutions. Watch this webinar to discover solutions that enable this transformation today. Watch the webinar
    • Rethinking the city

      At the EUREF Campus in Berlin, Schneider Electric shows what the future could look like.

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    Learn how your business can achieve success with EcoStruxure: Innovation at Every Level.
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    The Challenge

    Sustainable energy and networked mobility

    • Transform the EUREF Campus into a leader in energy and mobility transformation.
    • Set up innovative solutions for building automation, energy savings, energy management, and transportation transformation.
    • Allow the EUREF Campus to outstrip the German government’s 2050 climate targets.

    The Solution

    Efficiency and sustainability with EcoStruxure

    Apps, Analytics & Services: EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor (coming soon) 
    Edge Control: EcoStruxure Building Operation, EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 

    • A smart microgrid based on: solar, wind, biogas combined heat as well as power plants, Li-Ion batteries, Lead-Acid batteries and Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Cool storage technologies

    • 1 SCADA system to regulate, control and visualize the microgrid

    • 1 building management system

    • 1 energy management system

    • 1 security management system with Pelco cameras (coming soon)

    • E-mobility +70 charging points and 1 bidirectional for public E-bus

    The Results

    EUREF Campus, a model for energy efficiency

    • Since 2012, with the total renewable energy generated by the smart microgrid,
    - 104 tons of CO2 has been saved/compensated
    - the whole of Berlin could be powered for 11 minutes or
    - an electric vehicle could drive 1.2 million km

    • New buildings on the Campus consume significantly less energy than other office buildings. Seven received top awards for environmental design (3 still under construction)
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    "At the EUREF Campus, the German government’s climate targets for 2050 have already been met – this would not have been possible without the smart solutions from Schneider Electric.”

    Reinhard Müller, CEO of EUREF AG