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    A RELIABLE solution for artisans

    Sustaining traditional baking with connected technology is a bold idea. With EcoStruxure™ Power, Maison Manival turns its bakery into a modern, connected workplace with RELIABLE, 24/7 monitoring and metering for a more efficient business.

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    Uncover benefits of digitized power distribution

    Explore how leveraging advances in power distribution connectivity and intelligence can help facility teams that improve safety, reliability, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

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    • The connected bakery Maison Manival

      A French artisanal bakery proves that Schneider Electric connected technology can help sustain traditional businesses.

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    Optimize facility power distribution

    Learn how digitizing your power distribution infrastructure can uncover opportunities for improved safety, reliability, and efficiency. Download the white paper

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    The Challenge

    • Modern bakeries rely heavily on ovens and refrigerators, so any electrical failure spells trouble.

    • The successful artisanal bakeries in today’s market are the ones that adopt innovative tools in their day-to-day operations.

    • Embracing new technologies while preserving old-world tradition is a delicate balance, yet it’s clear that the industry needs to move forward.

    The Solution

    Connectivity and Reliability with EcoStruxure 
       Edge Control: EcoStruxure Facility Expert SB
       Connected Products: Smart Panel – SmartLink EL and PowerTag

    • Maison Manival, a bakery in the heart of the French Alps, has implemented Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Facility Expert – Small Business for round-the-clock monitoring of all electrical equipment, from ovens and freezers in the kitchen to lights in the front store.

    • EcoStruxure Facility Expert – Small Business is a cloud-based platform with secure remote access. Whether on- or off-site, the staff can check on equipment status using an app for smartphones and tablets.

    • In the event of an equipment failure or an alarm, during or after business hours, EcoStruxure Facility Expert – Small Business instantly informs Maison Manival’s manager via the app. This allows the manager to promptly call in assistance or remotely resolve the issue.

    • EcoStruxure Facility Expert – Small Business also monitors equipment operation, providing an at-a-glance summary that helps staff ensure the equipment are running at the most cost-efficient level.

    The Results

    • Installation and commissioning of the EcoStruxure Facility Expert - Small Business system
    • Remote access to panel from Facility Expert SB smartphone application
    • Notifications in the event of errors or alarms
    • Energy savings through monitoring and metering
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    “We need a more advanced technique to allow artisans more peace of mind in their way of working.”

    Stephane Massonat, Founder, Maison Manival