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    Attracting talent and customers alike

    UST Global wanted an office building so comfortable that it would feel like a home away from home for employees and clients. EcoStruxure™ Building made it a reality for the digital services company.

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    EcoStruxure Building Operation

    Schneider Electric smart building technologies, like EcoStruxure Building Operation, are ready to be integrated. Facilities for healthcare, hotels, commercial real estate and retail can be IoT-connected and digitally transformed.

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    UST Global: Customer Story Key Figures

    • 15% OpEx savings through a connected, digital BMS
    • Over 90% retention of office workforce
    • Gold rated LEED and IGBC award-winning building
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    Create smart buildings that leverage IoT and unlock value

    Building management is getting easier and more powerful thanks to innovative technologies. Learn how connecting devices with software and services makes today's buildings and their occupants work smarter and more efficiently. Download e-guide
    • Connected, comfortable, inspired

      UST Global envisioned an even smarter world-class facility where comfort meets sustainability – a building that would impress clients and boost employee productivity. Watch how EcoStruxure supports this unique ambition.

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    Learn how your business can achieve success with EcoStruxure: Innovation at Every Level.
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    The Challenge

    • UST Global envisioned an upgrade to its already state-of-the-art smart building in Trivandrum, Kerala, India — one that would attract talent and impress customers.
    • The digital services company wanted to integrate systems that boost operational efficiency for a hyperconnected, hyper comfortable headquarters.
    • The idea was to have a green building that represents the best of technology and sustainability, growing employee happiness and productivity.
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    The Solution

    Connected comfort with EcoStruxure solutions 

    Apps, Analytics & Services: EcoStruxure Building 
    Edge Control: EcoStruxure Building Operation 
    Connected Products: SmartX Controller — AS-P; EM6400 Series Power Meters 

    • UST Global partnered with Schneider Electric to advise on creating — and implementing — the digitized building UST imagined.
    • Schneider integrated EcoStruxure Building Operation as the automated software that would unify operations and provide actionable building data through a single, digital interface available anytime, anywhere.
    • With EcoStruxure Building as an open architecture, several systems were integrated: HVAC, lighting, power, CCTV and third-party systems.
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    The Results

    • UST Global's iconic building reaches its "home away from home" goal, as employee satisfaction is high, with less than 10% attrition.
    • Schneider Electric helped to enhance the IoT-capability of their facility, improving comfort and cross-visibility – EcoStruxure Building reliably monitors, manages and optimizes their building performance.
    • The building had already earned a LEED and IGBC Gold-rating, but with EcoStruxure Building it is even more efficient. UST Global expects operational cost savings of 15% in just two years.
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    "We’re helping clients in their digital transformation journey. So we had to ensure that this is one of the top-notch buildings in the world — including aesthetic, security and functional aspects."

    Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer for UST Global