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Healthcare ahead of its time

To perform in a world of ever-changing needs, healthcare organizations require resilient, care-centric, efficient, and sustainable facilities. We support hospitals with all-digital, all-electric IoT solutions to address demands such as decarbonization, increasing patient expectations, and insufficient infrastructure. 

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Protecting people and infrastructure

Aging infrastructure and legacy systems limit hospitals, while extreme weather and cyber-attacks threaten business continuity. 

With expertise in power distribution, asset management, and cybersecurity, our services help facilities like the Lille University Hospital protect patients, staff, and infrastructure.

Explore our e-guide for strategies to achieve resilience.

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  • Identify and correct power quality issues by equipping facility teams with energy and power monitoring infrastructure, including metering, integrated digital solutions, advanced analytics, and services.
  • Reduce critical asset failure and resolve incidents faster with IoT-enabled devices that allow connectivity of critical assets across essential infrastructure, combined with control software, advanced analytics, and services to inform and enable predictive, condition-based maintenance programs.
  • Maximize onsite energy generation and protect infrastructure against unstable grid power supply with end-to-end smart grid solutions that involve monitoring and control of distributed energy resources and analysis of grid conditions.
  • Enhance threat detection and security for patients and staff with physical and cybersecurity solutions that are deployed across the operational technology layer. This unifies your hospital’s security infrastructure and management systems into an easy-to-manage, single platform as your first line of defense in building security.

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Nemours Hospital

This children's hospital uses our solutions to ensure reliable electricity for their equipment to function 24/7.

Boston Scientific

This medical device manufacturer uses our solutions to minimize energy waste and promote a sustainable culture.

Rochester Medical

As their equipment and systems age, this hospital utilizes our digital asset performance management solutions.

Spotless Facilities

With our solutions, this facility management company monitors critical equipment and systems for a hospital.

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