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    Customer Story: Geneva Airport

    RELIABLE without delay

    Upgrading the infrastructure of an airport without impacting operations and 15 million passengers is a bold idea. Geneva Airport relies on EcoStruxure™ Power for RELIABLE electrical distribution for its facility that serves millions every year.

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    Bringing critical power distribution out of the dark

    What are the benefits of digitized electrical distribution infrastructure? For your critical facility, it could mean improved reliability, safety, efficiency and more.

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    • Taking to the skies Uninterrupted at Geneva Airport

      Modernizing the airport’s entire electrical distribution system – from the car parks to the runways – without delays.

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    Digitize power distribution

    Learn how digitization of your power distribution can uncover opportunities for improved facility reliability and safety. Download the white paper

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    The Challenge

    • Geneva Airport has been growing in size and structure for years.
    • As a world-class international airport, with only one runway, Geneva Airport serves 15 million passengers every year, and the numbers are expected to rise to over 25 million by 2030.
    • To accommodate its growing demand, Geneva Airport has been upgrading its infrastructure, and renovating its terminals, cargo holds and hangars.
    • At the same time, the airport is improving its entire electrical distribution system, which serves the car parks, the control tower, and everything in between. Electrical renovation however, can create disruption.   
    • Geneva Airport sought a reliable partner−one that understands the pressures of a global, 24/7 working environment, and that can deliver trustworthy, innovative solutions in highly sensitive environments.
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    The Solution

    Reliability and Efficiency with EcoStruxure
    Connected Products: SM6 Switchgear, EasergyT200, RM6 Switchgear, Prisma PLV enclosure

    • In 2011, Geneva Airport began its exclusive MEGA project (Modernization Electrical Geneva Airport) together with Schneider Electric.
    • This began with a complete renovation and installation of a new medium voltage system – 
    from transformers to distribution equipment to monitoring software.
    • The project also introduced Smart Panels throughout the site, which enabled airport staff to centralize all energy information and generate accurate energy reports.
    • Schneider Electric is improving technology and passenger experience at the Geneva Airport without impacting day-to-day operations.

    The Results

    • Improvement of reliability with trustworthy innovative solutions
    • Cost-effective modernization using off-the-shelf products
    • Remote monitoring and control of substations
    • Integration with third-party software at the control center
    • Space savings with indoor switchgear
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    “We installed this equipment in a completely transparent way without affecting the airport’s operation.”

    Florian Cochard, Head of Electricity Service, Geneva Airport