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Efficient and reliable energy

Guardian Glass faced a costly problem when its capacitor banks from another supplier failed. Upgrading to VarSet™ capacitor banks, PowerLogic™  meters, and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert led to the restoration of money-saving utility credits.

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The Challenge
• Restore power factor levels to regain utility credits
• Provide visibility to overall energy use and power grid problems
• Replace capacitor banks with a reliable solution
The Solution
Apps, Analytics, & Services: Prime Digital Service Plan with EcoStruxure Power Advisor and a Power Quality Maintenance Plan
Edge Control: EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert
Connected Products: VarSet capacitor banks, PowerLogic™ meters
The Results
• Upgrading to VarSet capacitor banks realizes a three-point power factor gain
• Power Monitoring Expert enables 24/7 observation of energy performance
• Monthly utility credits equaling about 4% of a monthly electricity bill

Mike Flesch, Senior Controls Engineer, Guardian Glass

Customer Testimonial
“As soon as the VarSet capacitor banks were installed, we immediately realized a three-point gain on the power factor.”
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