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    Providing greener energy with SF6-free MV

    E.ON, Sweden's largest energy distributor, achieves greater sustainability and reliability with SF6-free medium voltage technology and EcoStruxure™ for Electricity Companies.

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    The SF6-free future of energy distribution

    To help the power industry transition toward sustainability, we have created the switchgear of the future: sustainable and digital.

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    E.ON: Customer Story Key Outcomes

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    Unveiling the SF6-free switchgear of the future

    Discover our breakthrough technology that enables greater sustainability and brings true benefits to society, industry and the environment. > Learn more
    • Distributing energy the sustainable way

      E.ON, the largest electricity distributor in Sweden, is piloting our breakthrough SF6-free switchgear technology – with impressive results.

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    The Challenge

    • E.ON is committed to becoming fossil fuel-free by 2025 and cutting the risk of greenhouse gas emissions.
    • SF6 is a man-made greenhouse gas which is commonly used in electrical switchgears.
    • To take a step towards a more sustainable and greener network, E.ON decided to look for an SF6-free replacement for their switchgear.
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    The Solution

    Sustainability and reliability with EcoStruxure for Electricity Companies

    Connected Products: SF6-free switchgear, Easergy T300 RTU

    • Schneider Electric’s new SF6-free switchgear was chosen for a pilot project in Norrköping.
    • The switchgear met all of E.ON’s expectations, including environmental friendliness, compliance with the energy transition happening in Sweden, high safety, and interoperability with their existing equipment.
    • Together with the SF6-free switchgear, E.ON. has also implemented the Easergy T300 remote terminal unit (RTU) to gain greater insight into network operations.

    The Results

    • Implementation of the SF6-free switchgear is a huge step forward for E.ON towards a more sustainable, greenhouse gas-free distribution network.
    • Greater insight into network operations enabled early fault detection, improved reliability across the grid, and allowed for more effective, better planned maintenance operations.
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    “What impressed me most about the solution was the holistic idea of an SF6-free technology with digital capabilities.”

    Kim Sunnerberg, Technical Manager, E.ON