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    Smart Facilities

    We help our customers create future-ready pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech facilities.

Building Management

Provide the best conditions for your manufacturing operations.

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Solutions & Benefits

Building Management Systems (BMS) have an impact on timely, cost-effective delivery and compliant operations for Life Sciences facilities. Turnaround of a properly-qualified BMS is the last critical link in the overall facility delivery chain. A poorly designed, operated or maintained BMS can compromise product quality and research data, drawing the attention of regulatory authorities.

A reliable and efficient Building Management System should enable you to save money throughout your building system lifecycle :

> Design and installation costs savings of 24%,
> Operational costs savings by 10%,
> Energy costs savings of up to 35%
> Upgrade and retrofit.

Integration of all facility subsystems (HVAC control, lighting, access control, CCTV, fire detection) through a reliable Building Management system - EcoStruxure Building - to help you meeting your objective of providing safe and effective products to the patients.
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    Boston Scientific is dedicated to ensuring its facilities are running at peak operating performance to minimize energy waste and promote a sustainable culture and environment.

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Environmental Control

Make sure your production environment comply with requirements and regulations.

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Solutions & Benefits

Control and monitoring of storage and production environments are very important within the Pharmaceutical Industry. The FDA, MHRA, EMEA and other regulatory bodies require accurate measurement and storage of environmental parameters and, if the storage medium is electronic, the methods used must comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. 

Our advantage: 

> Our solutions are based on scalable, cost-effective architectures to suit the application 

> Optional redundancy can include the processor, I/O, power, communications, servers and historians, offering high process availability 

> Data recorded in a tamper-resistant, high-integrity format with store-and-forward functionality, for reliable regulatory auditing

Following the recommendation from the ISPE, we propose a solution with separated BMS and EMS in order to provide the following benefits: 

> Significant reduction in validation effort
> Changes made to the BMS do not affect the EMS
> Unscheduled stoppage of BMS does not affect EMS functionality
> Allows for independent parameter sensing if desired

Key benefits:
> Solutions based on scalable cost effective architectures to suit the application
> Optional redundancy can include the processor, I/O, power, communications, servers and historians, offering high availability of the process
> Data recorded in a tamper resistant, high integrity format with store-and-forward functionality, offers high data reliability for regulatory auditing purpose

Power Safety & Availability

Standardization, site assessment, and predictive maintenance of ED.

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Solutions & Benefits

Power availability is critical in an industrial process or in precision environments. A downtime in power supply could make you lose millions of euros. We secure power and ensure the optimization, quality, availability of the electrical energy supply. Our EcoStruxure Power solutions deliver safe, highly available, and energy-efficient electrical distribution systems for low and medium-voltage architectures.

These benefits include:
> Up to 10% reduction in maintenance costs
> Up to 10% reduction in energy spending
> Up to 15% reduction in project costs
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    The changing world of energy is making it increasingly challenging to optimize power reliability, energy costs, and operational efficiency in critical power environments. Addressing these challenges requires new digital tools designed specifically to enable faster response to opportunities and risks related to power system reliability and operations.

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Server Rooms Management

Provide self contained and secure computing environment for your on-premise applications.

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Solutions & Benefits

Life science organizations worldwide must manage, access, store, share, and analyze a big deal of data for their drug discovery, clinical trails, manufacturing , marketing and sales activities. Ensure that your data center’s physical infrastructure can adapt quickly to support both future demand driven by IoT and growth -- in the cloud and at the edge -- without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.

Key benefits :
> 30% Increase in infrastructure utilization
> 30% Reduction in false alarms
> 60% Faster to deploy
  • Micro Data Centers Infrastructure

    Micro data centers can be beneficial when you need to install in harsh or outdoor environments. They offer reduced latency and increased physical security, and enable you to deploy IT equipment in close proximity to a data intensive application.

Asset Performance Management

The most comprehensive solution for a maximum economic return of your assets.

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Solutions & Benefits

The digital transformation empowers organizations to shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. This enables front-line personnel to act before costly failures occur and maximize value throughout the entire asset lifecycle. We offer the most comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) platform to help our customers exceed reliability, safety, and performance goals.

Key benefits: 
> 30% reduction in maintenance costs,
> 25% improvement in workforce efficiency
> 25% reduction in unplanned downtime.