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Welcome to the Schneider Electric corporate Website


green materials in our products


primary and secondary packaging free from single-use plastic and uses recycled cardboard

On track to no net loss

No net biodiversity loss in our operations by 2030

• Regular measurement and publication of our end-to-end footprint

• Alignment with science-based targets

• Local biodiversity conservation and restoration plans for all sites

• Water conservation action plan for sites located in stressed areas

• Deforestation-free wood in our operations and supply chain

Read about our biodiversity pledge

Our solutions in action

Sustainable performance by design

With our Green Premium™ label and EcoDesign Way™ program, we keep reducing materials in products and increasing the performance of our products, services, and solutions to improve our end-to-end environmental footprint.

Resources highlights

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Having 100% of our primary and secondary packaging free from single-use plastic and using recycled cardboard by 2025.

Measurement is always the first step

We walked the talk to become the first corporation to publish its end-to-end footprint on biodiversity in 2020.

Pioneering the fourth industrial revolution

Sustainable resource management automation can protect people and resources, as we demonstrate with EcoStruxureTM delivered to Veolia Water.

Everyone can move the date

By continuously raising the awareness, we open up possibilities that lead us to one planet prosperity.

The triple win with Arcelor Mittal

How we increase safety, efficiency and productivity for modern, resilient and sustainable manufacturing.

Pure Air at the rescue

Why alternatives to SF6 and other greenhouse gases are essential to carbon reduction?

Our Resources commitments contribute to UN SDGs

In line with our purpose to bridge progress and sustainability, our sustainability initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability insights for you

Latest blogs, podcasts, papers, and more on sustainability, Electricity 4.0, and next-generation automation.

Sustainability reports

Access Schneider Sustainability impact results and reports, all in one place.

Our commitment to climate

Find out more on our sustainable resource management and impact accelerating the world’s transition to net zero.