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    Empower your workforce

    With our approach, the human element remains the best ally of your profitability.

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    Increased operational efficiency at Dow Corning

    Dow Corning shortens time to profit at one of the largest silicone materials production facilities in the world.

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    Empower your workforce to optimize all your assets. In real time.

    By providing the most effective decision-support systems, easy-to-use tools and easily understood information, received in a format that is easily actionable, you'll empower your workforce to make better operating and business decisions, in real time.
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      Reduce downtime by increasing operator efficiency

      Use Augmented Reality technology to give operators the ability to superimpose real-time data and virtual objects on to the real plant environment.

      • Speed up maintenance: Get information faster with immediate, relevant access in the field (user manuals, instructions, diagrams, etc.).
      • Reduce human errors: Avoid operator errors during maintenance by locating the right equipment and guiding them step-by-step to complete the procedures

      EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor is an app perfectly aligned to the “digital native” generation expectations.

    • Reduce downtime by increasing maintenance effectiveness

      • Better insight into operations with built-in Ethernet capability.
      • Reduce downtime with redundant controllers and power supply with wireless and predictive maintenance.

      EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS and Modicon M580 controller can help you save up to $1.2 million in downtime and up to $800,000 in wasted maintenance costs

      Eliminate unscheduled downtime and incidents on the plant floor

      EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor is a predictive maintenance tool that provides 100 % ROI within three months of implementation.

      • A connected IIoT-enabled decision-support platform, it enables plant personnel to make more knowledgeable and proactive maintenance.
      • Provides actionable, early insight into abnormal operating conditions across the plant.
      • Empowers your workforce to make smarter business and operating decisions and then act on them from anywhere.