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  • A hot rolling strip mill

    Facilities Management and Services for Metals

    Protect your plant, facilities and personnel with Schneider solutions for facilities management, IT infrastructure and critical power.

    + Lifecycle Services

Building Management

Ensure the comfort of your employees and the security of your site through effective and comprehensive building management solutions.

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Solutions & Benefits

Schneider Electric offers a fully-integrated architecture for facilities management that provides interoperability and openness for full visualization and control of all building systems, including: access control, surveillance, HVAC, lighting, and energy management.

> Understand and track how energy, water and compressed air have been used in ancillary operations 

> Reduce energy use by effectively managing unoccupied areas 

> Achieve secure access to restricted areas 

> Improve occupant comfort 

> Improve management of secondary facilities like maintenance shops, labs, and offices

Integrated Site Surveillance

Put integrated video solutions to work for site security and monitoring of process areas.

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Solutions & Benefits

Our security cameras and surveillance systems offer advanced features for outdoor, indoor or challenging lighting conditions. They can even be seamlessly integrated into your site access control and identity management systems. 

Intelligent video analytics, thermal or thermographic process cameras can automatically identify specific conditions and notify operators of potential situations

> Protect mission-critical operations with around-the-clock monitoring and simplify site security with integrated surveillance and access control 

> Enhance environmental monitoring and process safety through coupled solutions for process supervision and image analytics 

> Flexible, customized solutions meet any requirements 

> High-quality video even under harsh environments and challenging lighting conditions

  • Sarix TI Thermal Imaging with Thermography

    A Uranium mine uses non-intrusive video to monitor uranium levels and equipment temperatures as part of their industrial production process.

Data Center Solutions

Full IT infrastructure solutions covering everything from edge control to enterprise applications.

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Solutions & Benefits

Schneider Electric data center solutions meet a wide variety of needs: from micro data centers for your plant to full data centers for your entire enterprise. We also offer scalable, prefabricated data centers that are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions for reliable, predictable performance.

> Micro data centers reduce issues from network latency and provide increased security for data-intensive applications 

> Prefabricated solutions minimize expensive site installation and speed up commissioning

  • Micro Data Center Xpress

    Micro data centers can be beneficial when you need to install in harsh or outdoor environments. They offer reduced latency and increased physical security, and enable you to deploy IT equipment in close proximity to a data intensive application.

  • Prefabricated Data Centers

    A video overview of the manufacturing facility producing Schneider Electric's Prefabricated Data Centers in Barcelona, Spain.

    Critical Power

    Full electrical protection of your critical systems and applications: controls, control room, IT infrastructure, and emergency lighting.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Schneider Electric offers a wide range of critical power solutions that can protect everything from local systems and applications all the way up to entire IT infrastructures. 

    Our industrial grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies are designed to withstand the harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and even seismic activity.

    > Full protection of your critical systems: controls, control room, IT infrastructure 

    > Safer environment for your people during power outages: emergency lights, communications, surveillance 

    > Continuity of operation 

    > Excellent power quality in demanding electrical environments